Plethora of Inanity

Was cleaning out my closet and came across my ole' PSP which has been unused for years. On a whim I decided to Hack it, so a few hours slipped away as I used Lumines to downgrade the firmware, and then after seeing the plethora of Custom Firmware, installed that.

A few minutes after that, I had a Super Nintendo emulator installed and was speeding through Super Mario World. Funny, but I bet that no matter how many polygons are systems start pushing as the years go by, there will always be people finding ways to load it up with old school stuff like that. Nostalgia can be a powerful force.

So my tickets home were purchased. I wasn't getting into Virginia until late, and had planned on renting a Car (with driver) and booking a four star hotel in DC to spend the night. Grandma insists on picking me up though, no matter how late. Heh, family.

Work has been killer, and lately I've had a lot of things to do. We've got a staff member who I'm pretty sure is doing drug deals with a guest, plus sleeping behind the desk, and to top it off her money has been off.

Maybe she has something on the boss though, because she keeps getting One More Chance. Well, whatever. It just pisses me off that despite all her failings, she still has the nerve to talk shit about me behind my back about the most inane things.

Ugh, anyway.

Ooh, yeah, remember my Kindle hack? A guy from Wired(!) emailed me today and said he was putting together an article about it and E-Ink in general and gave me a mini interview. It'll probably just end up in the Wired Blog, but still. Wired, man!

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