I really suffer a lot for this job, the 'off the record' stuff I have to deal with. I'm starting to feel fatigued from it all. I feel like some "spark" in me is dying.

Heh, maybe that's just the consequence of aging and living a (a)typical American Life.

I'm fighting to keep it alive, though. That little brush with internet fame awhile back has really given me the drive to focus more on my projects. I invested a bunch of my last paycheck into an Amazon shopping spree, buying the equipment necessary to puff out my lab bench a little.

Soldering Station, frequency generator, power tools, magnifying lamp, and a new Lab Coat (putting one on always inspires me) among some other miscellaneous.

Mmm, just thinking about it, I can feel that little spark getting brighter.


Hodgy said...

Lab coats & fishnets mmmmm

Flynn said...

I loved your clip from Spaceballs!

Assholes are a reality of life. We have to learn ignore them and concentrate on the people we respect and love. Assholes are just petty people who are frusrated with their lives and easily lash out at others. They are ghosts in the world of the living. Live, Lara!

Anonymous said...

You work with Assholes, I work with retarded trained monkeys/assholes.
They are everywhere and we pretty much have to learn to live with them and not let them get to us (much).

OK, now i'm curious as to what your building.

Improvedliving said...
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Michael said...

Don't give up, Blake...it seems like you have so much to keep the spark alive for. Maybe you just need a change in scenery to stir things up?