I'm Surrounded by Assholes!

YouTube- Space Balls clip

The problem with morons, besides putting up with their ineptitude, is that they tend to be vocal.

This job sure grates on me, sometimes. Today the boss mentioned a big reservation that's coming in June of 2009, and to make a note to remind him about it when the date rolls around.

And I found myself wondering if I'm still going to be here next summer. Another year? The thought made me a little anxious.

Besides 'Jewels', my coworkers are gossipy, conniving witches. I go through the surveillance footage and hear their vicious remarks and half-truths, and the hypocrisy boggles my mind. My biggest detractor is a woman who sleeps on the job (literally) and violently insults almost everyone who talks to her.

But oh well. That's life. I suppose I should be contented with the fact that even with the 15 plus year job experience here, I was still promoted over them (after a year) and make more than all of them combined.

Ugh, I know I sound kind of bitter, but it's just really stressful, knowing that every little interaction with these guys, no matter how inane or how nice they are to my face, will become the nights gossip when I clock out.

Ugh. Well, I did try to unwind a little- I just saw 'Burn After Reading' with Jewels, a dark comedy from the Cohen Brothers.

I enjoyed it, and though I laughed a lot during the movie, the final scene had me in stitches. The humor was compounded by the the comparison between me and my boss. If you see it, I'm the Agent that's trying to explain things to the head honcho as delicately as possible.

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