Still Here, Thankfully.

Some aren't as fortunate.

Sorry for the delay.

The heat wave gripping the city has been sapping away at my energy to the point where I usually take a long nap after work, and just veg out before going to sleep for the night.

Heh, the unending excitement of a tranny in the big city.

The boss also asked me to change rooms- according to him a room they fixed down on the second floor was just too nice to rent to the public, so he gave it to me. It's a nice room, though I preferred the street view. Plus the second floor is constantly full, mainly locals, and they can be rowdy.

I've moved the essentials already- I'll do the rest over the next few days. The major plus though is the previous occupant was a decade long resident and had a phone line installed. After a grueling experience talking to AT&T "Specialists" (who apparently don't even know what an 802.11n wireless standard is) I finally got their "elite" DSL package set up.

After using a cellular broadband card for the past year, it sure is an improvement. So all in all I'm happy with this move, so far. It's given me an excuse to get rid of some old junk I've been hoarding, and maybe help me out of my funk.

Unfortunately routine has also been disrupted in a sad way.

It was late the night before last and I checked in with the office and saw a guest hadn't paid. He was an older guy, wheelchair bound for the most part, and liked to try and grab my butt or legs and constantly invited me up to his room.

He was a pervert, but harmless for the most part.

Seeing that he hadn't paid, I also realized I hadn't seen him in a few days and just said "Uh-oh" out loud. I took the desk clerk up to check the room, and sure enough found the door could only open a couple of inches as he had apparently collapsed against it. A quick reach in to feel his arm confirmed he was dead.

Overdose, apparently. Second one here in three months- talk about good publicity.

It was pretty surreal, and I was up til 2AM waiting for the police and the medical examiner and answering questions until they moved him out. They weren't too careful about it as they smashed the cart he was on into every corner of the hallway, tearing a huge chunk out of the wall at one point.

Yeesh- not at all like what one sees on TV.

Well, Goodbye Mr. Simpson. I'm sure you're getting all the Angel tail you can handle.

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