I'm in front of the hotel, taking a quick break and taking in the warm day and the fresh air.

A short guy walks by. "Hey Blake, you working?"

I don't recognize him but I say 'Yeah' reflexively. Afterwards I realize he didn't say 'Blake', he said 'Babe'. I knew exactly what was going to happen next.

"How much for head?"

I rolled my eyes and started walking back in. "I'm not that kind of girl."

"You said you were working!"

"Yeah, here at the hotel. I'm the manager."

The embarrassed look and the profuse apology before he scampered away almost made it worth it.

It did get me thinking though, and later I wondered, purely hypothetically of course, what I'd be able to get away with charging.

Not that I would or anything- bit too stereotypical for my tastes. Among other good reasons.

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