I am now whole again.

Yes, I got a new iPhone.

Good thing I know 'Adi', as I would hate having to stand in line again and go through that whole process.

Unfortunately, my last sync was July 12th (!) so I lost a bunch of txts and pictures. I also lost The Russian Girls new number, but maybe that's a good thing.

As I mentioned before, 'Erika' dropped by out of the blue, after disappearing a year ago. A part of me always wondered whether she was dead. (A not that unlikely scenario in these here parts), but no, she was just in Jail, as I had guessed.

To refresh everyones memory, The Russian Girl was someone I met at the hotel years ago. She was in an abusive relationship and I took a fondness to her, and tried to help her out of her situation. Some people are just Chaos Magnets though, and inevitably they end up dragging you down with them.

I think that was an important lesson to learn. As it was, she almost seriously screwed up my life, playing a major part in getting me kicked out of Emmy's place and almost fired. There was kind of a silver lining though, as my moving to the Hotel was one of the reasons I was promoted to management.

But yeah, she was bad news. Apparently she's been out a few weeks and have begun the long process of getting her life together, but I'm skeptical.

Anyway, I do wish her the best. She was my first intimate San Francisco relationship, and in a way she showed me a lot of what was missing from my previous relationships.

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