It's in the Stars

I don't put much stock in newspaper horoscopes, but the 'Pink Pages' in the San Francisco chronicle, a weekly entertainment guide to the Bay Area, has always been pretty accurate. (Yes, I realize how unscientific this all is, but I'm also an Aquarian, which makes me a tad eccentric and ready to believe in the Strange)

It did predict (or more correctly, my interpretation of the prediction) that I would meet Emmy, and the connection we would share. The one January 1st of this year said that the year ahead would be prep time for 2009, which will supposedly be "the best year of [my] life". Today said that the recent events in my life was getting me ready for the 2009 odyssey.

And after the kind of day I had yesterday, the next year and a half will probably bumpy, but hopefully there's some kind of reward in it for me.

Eesh, listen to me. I sound like a nut. Fate, destiny... I have a very cynical side that says it's all crap and we're all just skittering around, howling in the dark, all alone. No wonder we want to believe in something "more".

I guess only time will tell.

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