Google is my Neurologist

Over a week again. Sorry! I did update my Flickr page with a couple of pics. Literally, just 5 or so. Nothing too revealing, either. I just thought it would be a nice change of pace to put some "normal" pictures up, outside the confines of my tiny room.

So what's happening?

I met this gay guy at the hotel that I've become sort of friends with. He's gone shopping with me and is working on helping me "find my style". It's like having a personal "Queer eye" guy.

After a round of shopping the other day we found ourselves near Tony Roma's, the restaurant I used to work at, and decided to stop for dinner. Emmy met us there, too. So we're eating, I'm indulging in a margarita, when I hear someone call my name. I look up and there's 'Weena', my ex-coworker from the restaurant, and someone I blogged about last summer, I believe.

I invited her to join us, and then a little later a couple of Emmy's friends show up and suddenly we have a dinner party going on.

'Weena' and I talked a bit, getting caught up and stuff. I'd like to be friends with her, but I don't know if that feeling is mutual. When I bumped into her last year we talked about hanging out, but it kind of felt like she blew me off as she pretty much ignored my calls and texts. Well, I don't know, maybe she was just busy or had something going on.

She did invite me to Thailand (!) in January though, so we'll see. It would be nice to share the experience with someone, and see more of the country than just the Mall.

In other news, I have to stop crossing my legs! I've begun to develop a bit of numbness around my ankle. It's difficult to lift and when I'm wearing flats I've noticed that foot tends to "slap" the ground.

Sure, it could be the start of some kind of neural degenerative disease, but I'm hoping that the simplest explaination is the cause- that since my legs are so skinny, when I cross the right over the left at the knee, it compresses the peroneal nerve.

Having made a concentrated effort to not cross them today, already I've noticed a lot of improvement and the numbness is almost gone. It really is an effort- every time I sit down I start to cross them out of habit.

So a word of warning to everyone out there with chicken legs- take care of your nerve fibers.

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