Today was one of those really, really awful days.

First off, people in this area were totally crazy. I checked the calender, and indeed, today is a full Moon!

I had to keep the room deposits from a guest because they smoked in the room, and for doing my job I have the pleasure of being screamed at, called a "faggot" repeatedly, and get a cup of ice water thrown at me.

Then a little later there was more drama with some crackheads who had paid for a week but were demanding a refund because they wanted to leave early. Needless to say the Police had to be called in.

And the perfect clincher to a perfect day- I AM NOW IPHONELESS AGAIN!!!!! Yes, and this time I can't blame it on being drunk and having the phone slip out of my pocket in a cab.

It was just plain stupidity- I set it down in the bathroom and forgot about it until it was looooong gone.


Well, on the bright side, that gay guy, Adi, I mentioned before happens to be an AT&T independent reseller, and can probably get me one for cheap, soon. Hopefully.

Oh, and one of our workers has quit, so I get the pleasure of working seven days a week until a replacement is found. So I don't even get tomorrow off to unwind after today.

Oh, happy days........................................

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James said...

(please note i am an incessant optimist)
There always has to be a brighter side to everything. think of the money you're raking in working so much and it gets you out. . . so long as you're not running into bastards and crackheads much more.