Wow, it's August. I'll be leaving home on the 30th, where I'll stay in a temporary residence to take care of all the last minute details. Than I'll be on my way. Finally!

Mom has been stressing out a lot while she plans to relocate herself and my siblings to Seattle. She doesn't mind taking risks when it's just herself, but when her kids are involved she wants to make sure every detail is planned down to the finest level. Since she doesn't just want to show up and work and live there without knowing the area, Mom's going to go down there for about a week just so she can get to know everything a bit better, and go on some job interviews.

She'd like me to go, because she's coming back right before I'm do to leave and would like to spend some quality time with me before I go.

I'd like to go, but it all depends on money. Like everything I suppose. I'm already on an impossibly thin budget, but I'll see what I can do.

And speaking of Mom, she signed my new guestbook!

And a special thanks to Allison- I'll reply soon :)

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