Ok, everythings ok. It missed us.

So I was the only one home yesterday when the photographer for the real estate agency, Jenny, came by to take some pictures for the ads. Unfortunatly, she forgot her camera so she had to reschedule. But after that was taken care of we just stood by the door chatting for awhile.

We mostly talked about the house and the decor and everything, and than Jenny explained how absent minded she got on Mondays and appologized again for forgetting the camera.

I couldn't really put my finger on it, but there was something about the way she was talking to me. It wasn't a negative vibe at all, just different than what I was used to. I couldn't figure it out, and eventually I just gave up and forgot about it.

That afternoon when Mom came home, she told me that Jenny had called her and explained what happend with the camera. And apparently Jenny also gushed about how Mom's 'daughter was very beautiful.'

Now I do have self-esteem issues, but I just don't see how that's possible. But I'm not even going to get into that.

However it happened, for a few brief minutes I interacted with someone who thought I was a girl and there was definatly a difference, though it was so subtle I didn't realize it until later.

And, hehe, it's pretty good feeling.

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