GOOD GRAVY that's embarassing! A couple of years ago, when I was absolutely convinced I only had days left to live, I wrote a letter intended to be read upon my passing by close family. Hehe, I sort of got carried away, to the point where the letter wasn't fit for ANYONE to read.

Let's just say that my sexual frustration is described somewhere within it's depths, along with a host of other personal revelations that only come to light when you're slightly liquered up, in the midst of an anxiety attack, during a fit of depression. Well I saved it and promptly forgot about it.

Years later, I opened up Kazaa today to get a few files. A few hours later, I have just checked it to see if they were finished downloading.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed the Uploaded Files area, where I saw that a complete stranger had downloaded the letter.

Boy, is my face red...

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