Yes, I AM on a self-destructive path. Thanks for asking.

K, a little nap fixed me right up. Let's hear it for the Liver, yeah!

Seriously though, enough of that. You can't find answers in a bottle. Well, not ALL of them. Heh. Just joking.

My brother started playing Star Wars Galaxies last month, and of course, being a geek and a recovering MMORPG addict, I couldn't help but try it out. To just tide me over until the move, of course. I quit the game a few hours ago, but I've collected a lot of email addresses from friends who want me to keep in touch. Most of them only know me as Lara.

I've actually gotten pretty close to one of them, but that's a story for another day.

This entry is about the best friend I didn't know I had until those last few hours before the account got cancelled. El was the friend of the guy I had gotten close to, and for a long time he was just El, Val's friend. But on that last day, when I was saying my goodbyes to El, I got to talking about Val and a few of the troubles we were having.

Eventually El and I were engaged in an hour long conversation that's almost completly changed my outlook on a lot of things. I ended up telling El about my transsexuality and he was just so kind, I can't even describe it. But more than that, he respected me for what I was going through, and was honored for MY friendship.

I'm really going to try to follow his advice.

Thanks, El

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