It seems our house has been sold. It's not completly definite, but very likely. Mom is a nervous wreck, and has second guessed all her decisions about leaving the state. As of now, the plan is for her to move everyone back in with Dad for a few months until she figures out what she's doing and where she's going.

I can't help but feel like she's coming full circle. I don't think it's the best decision, but I guess it's the safest.

The house being sold changes my plans too. Instead of leaving the 30th, I'll be moving out on the 22nd. 9 more days.

I'll be staying in a friend's spare room until I get my passport. I could have started the process of getting it by now, but my request for a new Birth Certificate was sent back because they needed more identification included. This time around, I'm going to try to change the name on it to match my new legal name.

There's a procedure for doing so- I just hope it doesn't add too much time to the whole process.

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