Paxil. In my case it was certaintly a wonder drug, despite some of the things I read about it.

I used to get frequent panic attacks caused by a lot of things, but mainly worrying about my health or situations that were happening to me at the time.

If you've never had one, count yourself lucky- they are NOT fun.

I've been off Paxil for months now, but I haven't had any more panic attacks. I still worry about a lot of things, of course, but it doesn't get close to the point where I would go over the edge.

I remember my first one very vividly; I mentioned it in my diary but I didn't know what it was at the time. I just said it felt like something bad was going to happen.

I was sitting at my computer when KABLAM. It felt like someone drove a hammer into my head. Eventually I found out it was just a very bad migraine, but for a few seconds I thought that my brain Hemorrhaged or something.

That launched me into two days of shaking, hyperventilation, sweating, and an all around feeling of dread.

Wasn't fun.

But anyway, just wanted to say I'm much better. Just so everyone knows I'm not QUITE as bad as I was only a year ago.

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