I haven't cussed someone out in a long time.

My own aunt, at that.

Today was my Mom's birthday, and Dad came over and took her, me, and a few of my siblings out. Sourpuss that I am, I just couldn't bring myself to be more than an idle spectator, but it was great just watching Mom have fun. We went to a park where she played on the equipment and played tag with the kids. Seeing her running around laughing is a memory I'll hold forever.

Eventually we came home, where Angie was waiting.

About a year and a half ago, Mom's sister Angie moved in with us. My opinion on her has changed greatly since than. While before she was my favorite aunt, now I'll hardly go near her if I can help it. I find her very condescending to those around her, and treats us in a way that leaves a lot to be desired. But we usually bite our tongue because she does help out a lot.

Anyway, it all happend so quickly. Mom went outside to talk to Dad for a moment before he left, and I went upstairs. Downstairs, I heard Angie talking to my sister Brooke. Apparently Brooke had asked to go to Dad's house and Angie was repeatedly asking her to give her one good reason why she should go, in that super annoyingly superior tone.

After the third time I finally spoke up. "Well, maybe because she loves him." And than she said some stuff, mentioning that I was butting in. Well, yeah, I was. Angie butts in CONSTANTLY, and a fight we had a few weeks ago was over that very fact. I said that I would remember that next time SHE butts in, and than she said a few more stuff, where I basically said whatever, I'd just like her to stop interrogating my sister.

And THAN she started going on and on with personal insults, but I made a point of ignoring her, even when she told me to grow up. I could be the bigger person. Than she said a few things that really hit home, accenting it with a 'grow the fuck' up, and I snapped and found that I couldn't be the bigger one after all.

Yeah, you know, I AM still living at home. It may seem, as Mike said, that I'm here just mooching.

In my bio I mentioned that I couldn't put up with the teasing, so I dropped out of school to get my GED. Yeah, that was part of it, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. I'd had worse. The truth is Mom was broke, and she couldn't afford a babysitter. And she couldn't leave her job for one with more flexible hours or we'd be on the street.

And she didn't exactly ask me, but we both new it was the only solution. So I left school to babysit.

This fall, my youngest sibling will start school, so I won't be needed and can strike off on my own. It's the only reason I didn't leave a long time ago.

So having this woman tell me I should Grow the Fuck Up because I'm defending my sister, and because I'm still living here, caused me to snap. I said she was a Bitch and could go Fuck herself. Not exactly eloquent, but emotions were running high.

Mom came back inside just in time to hear Angies Grow Up and my Response. And than Mom and Angie started fighting, and after a bit you could see it had been building for a while; my fight with Angie was just the catalyst.

I don't know where things stand now. Angie wants to leave, and Mom says she'd probably be happier if she did. Angie went out for a drive, and now things have calmed down a bit.

K, that's all for now.

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