God, I hate AOL.

Past time to do something with my hair. What's the point of long hair if I'm just keeping it in a hair tie all the time? I'm not exactly sure when I'll have it done, but it'll be soon. I was thinking of maybe going the short route.

Anyhoo, I've been having a pretty good time here. I have a cozy little room and plenty of reading material. I've been spending my mornings paying my way by helping out with the gardening. Well, rebuilding it would be the proper term. It's been neglected for years, so there's alot to be cleaned up first.

My afternoons are usually spent reading and writing.

I've also been thinking alot about what I'm going to major in. Even last year I thought I'd be perfectly at home in some research lab devoid of all contact, but that has become more and more unappealing. Lately I've been wondering if I'd be happier doing something with more direct human interaction.

That's kind of strange, coming from me, but I can definatly tell that I've been changing alot this last year. Youth entails possibilities, and maybe I'm just now starting to really see them.

Very exciting. There's kind of a charge in the air.

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