Ooh, been awhile.

Aside from the outside work, as the resident 'electronic expert' here I've been enlisted to fix the
numerous appliances that are constantly breaking down.

Most of them have been relativly simple repairs, but when the computer stopped working I cracked it open and found that a few dozen cockroaches had taken over inside, completly frying everything.

Well it took a few days, but I was able to Macguyver a solution with bubble gum and toothpicks, so here I am.

Mike sent me an email completly out of the blue. Wanted to tell me that he was joining the military so he could rejoice in never having to see me again. I wasn't planning on seeing him again anyway, but well good luck.

He also wanted to gloat that he wasn't a virgin anymore.

And this just in, Hell has frozen over.

Since my last entry I finally and definativly, with no doubt, have decided what career I am going to
pursue. I never pictured myself doing it, but ever since I thought of it I can't get it out of my head.
Usually I change my mind by the second day or so.

I won't reveal what I've decided on yet. In the extraordinaraly improbable event that I DO change my
mind, I don't want to look like a dummy. Well, not anymore than I already do.

Bought my first pair of heels yesterday. My shoe collection was always small, and up til' yesterday was non-existant as
I got rid of them during the move. It was only a pair of sandles and a pair of powder blue sneakers. I'm not much of a 'shoe person', and would just as well wear one pair for every occasion. OOoh, how guyish of me.

Of course, I'll be leaving them behind when I go so I have no idea why I bought them. But they were actually in my size, which is always a rare event. I suppose I could use the practice walking in the darn things.

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