Ongoing Recovery

Sorry it's been awhile. Like I said in the last post, my days and nights just sort of ran together for awhile there, while I recovered. All my bandages were removed they other day, finally.

I've still got a bit of bruising- part of my chest is still purple and yellow, and I've had a small shiner under my right eye, but that's fading a lot everyday. There's still a bit of swelling around my nose, it can take months for all of that to settle.

My throat is fine, I think. It's nice knowing I don't have that protrusion anymore. No more needing scarves or chokers :)

Chest wise, it's been a little strange getting used to. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and go "Huh- I have breasts!" I have to massage them about four times a day, which is kind of a pain but essential to provide both a more natural appearance, and to help keep scar tissue from forming around the implant.

I spent all of last week recovering, but yesterday felt up to heading out. It felt good, finally leaving my room. Nothing too notable, I just hung around some touristy areas. I also saw Indiana Jones 4, and I could see why it's gotten unfavorable reviews. But I was looking for a big budget popcorn movie, and I got it.

Speaking of popcorn, it was pretty interesting because it had a seaweed flavor to it. (They sell Lay's potato chips with the same flavor) Also during the movie, I think the national anthem started playing because everyone stood up as music played and pictures of the King were displayed. That was a fascinating cultural experience.

On the way back home, the taxi driver tried to quote me 400 baht for the ride back- four times what I knew it cost. I told him to use the meter or stop the cab so I could get out, and he caved and switched it on.

So, that's pretty much it. I'm thinking about trying to find a hair stylist this week, but the language barrier might be a problem in getting what I want. I might just postpone til I get back home, even though it'll be more expensive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara.
Glad to hear you are getting well.

lelee65 said...

Hi I'm glad you're doing ok, had me worried.

Anonymous said...

I'm also glad that you are doing well. I've been reading your blogs for a while now.

Your Cousin,