Bangkok- Day 1

So just a few hours after touching down in Hong Kong, I soon found myself in Bangkok.

First off, air travel is amazing.

Second- what an experience this has all been. And I'm just getting started!

This is my first time in Asia, and getting by so far hasn't been too bad. Most of the people I've interacted with had at least a basic understanding of english.

The plane ride got a little bumpy, but nothing too bad. Typical of me whenever I go on a long trip, I spent a lot of time and money putting together a huge collection of entertainment to ensure I wasn't bored. And as usual, most of the time I just stare into space. That whole plane ride and I watched one episode of 'The Office' and 'The Simpsons'.

I did seem to fade in and out of consciousness alot. Must have been a combination of sleep deprivation and Xanax.

I was met at the airport by a driver the Doc sent out to pick me up. There was far less people with name signs than I imagined, but it was still early. It took me a few minutes to find him, but that's just because I didn't walk down the whole hallway. I ended up calling the Docs office just for reassurance and was told that yes, he was in fact there.

Before I left San Fran I ended up unlocking my iPhone. Wow, what a painless project. And I figured a jailbroken phone will hold me over til iPhone 2.0. Popped in a new SIM card, loaded up some time, and it works perfect. I even get Edge access!

The hotel room is great. It's about four times the size of my room back home- and half the price. (If I paid rent, that is) One annoying thing though is this little two inch stoop that runs across the bottom of the bathroom entrance, I guess to keep overflowing water from getting out- I've stubbed my toes on both feet against it. Twice so far. I finally laid a towel down across it since I seem to be to dense to learn any better.

So after showering and settling in it was 2PM, and I figured I'd do some light exploring. And by Exploring, I mean Shopping. So the front desk called me a cab and took me to MBK (20 minutes and it only cost $4.00. That's almost as much as a cab back home charges you just for getting in!)

So MBK is huge. And it's still not the biggest mall in the city. I walked around for hours, working my way through one floor and moving on to the next. It's almost like a flea market, too, as outside the typical shops is a labyrynth of tables and shelves that I barely touched the surface of.

I didn't end up getting that much in the end. Just a cool little hip pouch for only $12.00. Some candy. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sunscreen and some some skin care stuff. Speaking of which, every other skin care item on the shelf talks about Whitening Power and stuff. Wonder what that's about?

Then I bought a Day Pass for the Sky Train and played around with that a lil, just riding around a bit to get a feel for it.

And now I'm home, and Exhausted. Tomorrow I get picked up for my consultation, and afterwards the doc'll perform the Trachea Reduction.

So I better get some rest. Good night!


Jarkko said...

Dark skin is a sign of low status - outdoor worker. Lighter complex is a sign of higher status - indoor worker or celebrity.

Lara Blake said...

Thanks! Now I know- and knowing is half the battle!