Well, Stacia came by my work today to pick up some stuff she had left
behind all those months ago.

And I honestly didn't recognize her. She was as beautiful as ever- her
hair was just completly different. It was long and framed her face in
a way that, as I was busy, didn't even coalesce in my brain as Stacia.

I gave her her stuff, and got someone to fill in for me so I could
walk her to the bus stop. I brought up the possibility of us hanging
out sometime, but she said that last email I wrote was pretty bad and
she couldn't be friends with someone like that.

(it was a sort of psycho-analysis of her personality and our relationship.)

If this was a movie I probably could have thought of something
dramatic to say, but as the bus pulled up and she climbed aboard, all
that was said was her wishing me well on my Thailand trip.

Like a movie though, our eyes made contact as the doors wooshed shut,
and then she was gone.

So here I am listening to my 'Sad' playlist at a hotel bar, sipping
back Grey Goose Martinis.

Ahh, isn't life grand?

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