Met up with Stacia and we hung out for a bit before I had to go to the Airport.

We had a really deep conversation in the food court of a multi-billion dollar mall as we munched on Mussels and French Fries.

She was a little disappointed that I'm getting cosmetic work- apparently she thinks I'm cute as is. She said that I've changed a lot in the past six months since we really hung out- that I'm more mature, that I'm "blossoming".

Well I don't know about that, but with confidence I didn't know I had, I sort of waxed poetic about how beautiful her eyes were. Cliched, I know.

As we parted though, that confidence seemed to evaporate. We hugged, and I imagined looking down at her, asking her to keep her eyes open as I lightly kissed her lips. And then maybe she'd stare up at me for a second before coming back in for a deeper one.

And after our lips part, I'd say something witty, maybe a little sarcastic, and we'd chuckle and go our separate ways, occasionally stealing glances behind us.

This being reality, though, we hugged and parted before going out separate ways.

...Occasionally stealing glances behind us- perhaps longing for an alternate reality?

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