Been spending the last few days downloading shows and movies, and converting them for my iphone.

I wish I had some more money to buy something like the iPhone Juice Pack to extend the battery life, but oh well.

So far I've got about 21 hours worth of video entertainment, but that number decreases a little every couple of days as I break down and watch a show. But really, who can put off 'House'?

I've also got a USB powered 160GB external drive which I'm filling up. Ebooks, too. Plus, if I only feel up to listening during the early stages of my recovery, over six days worth of the Howard Stern Show.

Also got a load of Windows games too, in case I'm so bored I'll actually boot up XP. Now that I mention it though, I STILL haven't gotten around to finishing BioShock. Eesh, I wonder if I still remember how to play it.

I'm going to try and see a bit of the city and do the tourist thing the day before my surgery. And I'm hoping that I'll be well enough to get a couple of days of light sightseeing in before I fly Home.

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