Back to the States

The Driver's on his way over to take me to the airport, so I'll be heading out pretty soon. My flight isn't for another 4.5 hours, but I always like to get in early and just hang out for a bit.

My last day in Bangkok was spent pampering myself. I got a french Manicure and Pedicure, and I also changed my eyebrows.

Because of the language barrier I just pointed at the sign that said 'Eyebrows', figuring it was just shaping. Turns out it was tattooing! I saw her unpackaging a needle and ink and stuff, and spoke up.

Well, long story short, I saw the results and went ahead and did it. Basically it's just a little line on the far edge of my eyebrows. Anyhoo, I like the results, and the new shape. I'll post a pic later.

After that, I went to a salon to do something with my hair, and they straightened it, adding some fringe layers and stuff. I think it turned out rather well. Too bad the straightening only lasts a little while.

Well, that's that, I suppose. Thanks for the Memories, Bangkok- hopefully I'll have the time and money to make it back to Thailand soon.

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Anonymous said...

hot damn. just saw your new pics. you look great. have a safe flight back home.