Back at the Hotel

So here I am.

Oof, what an experience. Right now I'm running at about 65%, though it's only been a few days.

So a little bit after my last full post, they came in to transfer me to the operating room. Pretty trippy, lying on my back, watching those fluorescent lights flash by.

Once there, I just sort of hung there chilling out for about twenty minutes while they went about some final prep. The "knock out" doc showed up, Wang I think his name was. He was kind of funny. Dr. Chett comes in and we talk a little bit, and then Wang takes his place and says that we're ready.

I asked if I should count backwards, and he said sure, from ten. Once I passed five I heard someone say Wow. At three, there were a couple of more. At two though, I succumbed. That moment hit me where suddenly my vision of the light above me turned ninety degrees and the next thing I know someone is talking to me while I'm being wheeled somewhere.

The first night was pretty weird. I was up pretty much all night, just spacing out. I don't think I was in excruciating pain, but any real movement hurt a lot, and every time a nurse came in all I had to say was 'Pain' and they'd give me some pills.

I had a couple of drains coming out of my chest to a couple of water bottles, and my nose was packed tight. The funny thing is I haven't had any nose pain at all. Though maybe there's some nerve pinching going on somewhere- a few of my teeth are numb. The doc said it's probably only temporary, but you never know- nerve damage is always a risk.

The next day I was determined well enough to go back to the hotel that evening. I didn't have that much swelling or anything.

So I've been recovering here, with a nurse checking in occasionally. Today she came by and took out the drains and the packing from my nose. That was a weird sensation- it reminded me of that early 'Iron Man' scene where he pulls the oxygen tube out of his nose. That stuff was way in there deeper then I thought.

Well, it's nice being able to breath easier again. Mostly I'm just laying down with Howard Stern playing in the background. Ta Ta for Now-


Sarah said...

All right you made it! Get better, SF isn't same without you.

mike said...

hey. great to hear you're still with us. hang in there.

lelee said...

It's been a few days now, hope you're doing ok. Let us know.

Aunt N.