One Down, Two to Go

So I had my consultation today with the Doc. I think it went well and I got a good vibe from him. He was pretty honest about what to expect and things like that.

After a little while I changed into a robe, had my hair put up, and was then escorted into an operating room for my Trachea Shaving. This was being done separately to limit the time I spend under general anesthesia tomorrow.

I was told I'd be in a "light sleep"and wouldn't feel too much accept a pressure.

So then a lot of time was spent washing my face and neck with iodine while an IV was inserted. The upper part of my face was then wrapped lightly in a green sheet, so I could only see lights and blurry shapes.

A bit later, my right arm started to feel a tingly cold as they pushed the sedative, and an injection was made in my neck.

It's kind of weird. I really did feel sort of half-asleep, where I was awake, but my mind kept wandering. The light and shapes coming through the sheet became part of a "waking dream" I was having, I think.

I did feel some pulling, and there was a bit of discomfort, but nothing that bad. Soon enough I was redressed into my robe (which I don't remember) and led to another area to lay down and rest. At this point I was awake, just really sleepy.

After a little while there I was given some antibiotics and antiswelling meds, and I got dressed again and was driven back to the hotel, where I slept for about 7 hours.

So, here I am, munching on room service. They don't seem to have a menu in the room- you dial down and a waiter comes up with a menu to take your order.

There is a bit of pain when I swallow- think Strep throat. It also hurts to turn too far to the side, or up. It's usually worse when I lay down, so I've tried to keep my head and neck elevated. Cold liquids are good.

Tomorrow is the "big day". I'm a little nervous- I think I have a fear about being put under. Maybe it's the possibility of dying, part. Well, hopefully I'll live to Blog another day.

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Michael said...

Best wishes! I'm sure you'll do fine.