Oof, last night was crazy.

I didn't get drunk, thank God. I probably wouldn't be able to function for the next few days.

It was pretty exhausting. First Me, The Vegan, Emmy, her Sister Cindy, and Kris all met up at Asia SF, a nightclub/restaurant with an hourly Drag Show. The food was pretty good, and the entertainment was, ah, flamboyant.

So I had fun. The Vegan left to work a graveyard shift, and the rest of the gang and I went out to a dance club.

Oh God. EXHAUSTING. We were in there for about five hours. Now I don't mind the occasional rhythmic ceremonial ritual, but bouncing around to a rib crushing bass line with lasers and epileptic seizure inducing strobe lights gets a little tiring after the first four hours. Especially in 4 1/2 inch heels.

(I didn't know we were going to a freakin' rave.)

As my body went on autopilot, my mind wandered a bit. I found myself thinking "So, this is what young people do." A part of me was also thinking that the whole club "scene" is a tremendous waste of time and youth. (If I was drunk though, I probably would have had more fun. They had already had Last Call by the time we arrived.)

Lot of weirdos there, too- I seemed to draw them all out of the woodwork.

I didn't end up getting home until almost 6, but all in all I would say I had fun. It was an experience. I got to hang out with friends. And I think I looked pretty hot, too.

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