And so it Begins...


I set April 1st as my day to quit smoking. Again.

To recap, I was smoke-free for six months, then I had one on my Birthday, and a couple a week up until last week after the assault, where I bought a couple of packs and went through those.

So, Today's the Day. Hmm, April Fool's Day, how appropriate. I don't have enough to spend on Nicorette, but I still have a few pieces left over from last time. Leveraged with Will Power, that should be enough. Hopefully.

I found some change in the couch for some Trident. Just got to keep my mouth busy, is all.


I've decided not to sell my Lappy, but I am considering exchanging my iPhone for Currency. I can't use the phone part in Thailand anyway. I'd miss the Media Functions, but my PSP could provide a 'Rudimentary' replacement (to say the least.)

Just something to think about.

Hmm, what else... Well, as you can see I updated the pics. That's after I got home at 3AM with a Lemon Drop or two sloshing around inside me. Not my best, but I work with what I have. For Now.

And I earned Frequent Flyer Miles from my Drinks, too!

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