Victory! Now, what's Next?

Before that whole thing with Stacia yesterday, I was having a pretty good Work day. I sort of took my first "business trip". The boss was getting on me about advertising, so I took some petty cash and travelled around the city and the airport, finding places to advertise and occasionally making some deals.

The new Valley Yellow Pages also came in and I got to see the Ad I designed on my Mac in all it's yellow/black glory. I also designed one for the Chinese Yellow Pages, which came out pretty good. And our new brochures look fantastic. I must say, I never would have done all this with a Windows PC.

Just sayin', just sayin'...

And after hearing of my crusade the boss patted me on the back and congratulated me. And now today- "So, what's next? Where are you going today?"


Yeah, that's business for you. I mean, I may have slightly above average intelligence, but I don't have any training for all this. I spose' I'm cheaper than hiring a pro though. Well, I'm sure I'll think of something.

I got invited out to Bondage-a-Go-Go last night, so I broke my waist cincher out of the closet and threw an outfit together. After all was dressed and done "Gothic Lolita Ballerina" came to mind.

I usually wear a bulky hoody and sweats over my Costumes, since I dress so conservativly at work (where I also live), and take em' off in the cab. Last night though I just said 'Fuck It' and marched downstairs in my 4" stilletos, fishnets, and 24" waist. Only a couple of people saw me, but it was the main gossip fodder this morning. I'm the youngest employee here by at least 30 years, so the older people tend to get shocked easily.

Anyhoo, we got there pretty early. It was Me, Lizzy, her Girlfriend, and Daisy. I met Lizzy through work. I think I also blogged a couple of years ago about having to Let her Go. But we've remained social aquaintences.

Daisy seemed to like me. I met her once before, and Lizzy told me later she was attracted to me. I always seem to walk a little taller when I'm hanging out with people I know has a crush on me- it's a great confidence boost.

I could see myself making out with her, but a little later in the night the drinks caught up with her and she threw up on the dance floor. Yeah, she was THAT girl. (For a change, THAT girl wasn't me) So, that little fantasy pretty much died. I guess I had some sort of rite of passage as I took her to the bathroom and held her hair over the toilet bowl.

For my part, even though I had about five lemon drops, I paced myself so I didn't get too tipsy. I didn't get back in until 3AM, where I got a nice three hour nap before getting ready for work. I remembered to take a few photos, so I'll post those to Flickr later. It'll probably be the last or second to last Flickr update for awhile. I'm probably going to be all bruised up when I get back from Thailand, and nobody wants to see that.

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