12 Hours and I still feel Tired

Ugh, been almost a week, already.

I meant to post, but I've been in a funk, neglecting AIM and Email, too. Gotta get caught up on that.

Last weekend Lizzy invited me to her birthday party. The one she had the previous year was slightly uncomfortable for me, but this one was a smaller, less formal atmosphere so I had an alright time.

The Effeminate Christian Rebublican Mac-Head was there, and I think I had my first real, natural conversation. About time. I have to thank the recently released iPhone SDK for helping jumpstart the conversation which went on and on- all Apple related, of course.

This week though has been pretty stressful, and has left me feeling drained. Got yelled out a few times at work, and in general just felt down. Yesterday was particularly bad, so I counted out some spare change and headed to Chevy's.

I've discovered that their Top Shelf Margarita's deliver the most bang for my buck, as the regular is always sure to deliver a nice buzz, with the Grandé practically knocking my legs out from under me. In the spirit of moderation (and limited funds) I stuck with the regular and munched on tortillas with Salsa while listening to my "Songs of the 90's" playlist.

After that, falling asleep at 6PM became a very attractive option so I crashed and slept through the night.

I feel better today, and work also seems to be going better. Margaritas might be my new antidepressant. (I kid)

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