Had a bit too drink the other night, obviously. Ugh, can't believe I smoked. Since Emmy leaving was what made me quit in the first place, and then having her back around suddenly, my resolve weakened a tad.

I haven't smoked for a couple of days, though. And I'm buzzed on red wine and watching a French movie where EVERYONE'S smoking. I'm tempted, but not overwhelmingly.

Anyway, I was drunk the other night because The Vegan invited me out to a bar. She hardly drinks at all, so I thought it would be funny to see her buzzed. She lives alllllll the way out in the frickin' Presidio. Practically under the Golden Gate Bridge.

It's a nice area, but it's like not even being in the city anymore. Cell reception is terrible. And not having a personal mode of transportation, it takes forever to get there by bus.

But I kind of had fun. There was a cute bartender we were daring each other to flirt with, but we both chickened out. He was a Mixologist from New York, and he taught me some interesting things about Martinis and mixed me up a few cool variations, including one with Hot Sauce. Pretty good.

So like I said, it was a fun night....but not nearly as fun as the night I could have had. I heard from Emmy the next day, who said she tried inviting me out with friends, but I never got the call because of the reception. Let's just say I missed a night that included a sex club, her discovering that she liked having sex in public, and some other things I won't even mention but almost blew my mind.


Hmm. I wasn't exactly aroused by her retelling of the events. I wasn't even looking at in a sexual way. I just like witnessing strange, new things. I like discovering and learning. I don't like to miss things that you don't see everyday.

Ah well. Perhaps there will be a next time.

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