Yesterday I took a looooong Sunday walk, probably my longest city walk ever. There was some sort of Anarchy Book Fair in town that The Vegan was attending, and she invited me. Took me about four hours of lazy strolling, but I eventually got there. I tried walking down streets I had never been on before, and I took some interesting pics. I always love taking in new vistas and unfamiliar neighborhoods. The weather was fantastic yesterday.

What a beautiful city I live in. Despite its problems, I love San Francisco.

The Book Fair was barely worth mentioning. Just picture a bunch of youngish scruffy people with dyed hair wearing hoodies shuffling around. Well, maybe I'm generalizing.

Anyhoo, went up to the STD clinic today. I figured I'd get a medical opinion about the whole biting incident, and he helped put my mind at ease that getting infected that way would be extremely rare.

After conferring with a colleague, he suggested a precautionary Hepatitis B vaccine. I couldn't remember if I'd had one yet, and neither could Mom, so I got one anyway. Apparently if I have had it before, there's no harm in getting one again. Anyway, it was free. I like vaccines.

Plus, I got to pick up some strawberry flavored condoms on the way out. Those might come in handy someday.

Hmm, not much else happening. I got a surprising cash inflow from a family member who wanted to help me out. I don't like asking for money, but the numbers don't lie and I'd hate to sell my Lappy. She said I don't have to pay her back, but I'll send a check in June anyway.

I'll send the final wire transfer to my doc around April 22nd or so, and I'll be all set. Wow, 50 days from today I'll be heading out. Amazing how quickly time flies.

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