Ahh, I love the smell of Solder in the Morning

It smells like...VICTORY!

I like working on projects, especially at work. I seem to attack them with a lot more zeal than when I'm doing my own stuff.

We've had a third party run Internet Kiosk for a little while, but months ago the service was cut off and the guy who runs it hasn't returned any calls, so the machine just sits there, useless.

I finally convinced the boss to get our own Internet Access setup together, so he provided the Enterprise class ISP and Ethernet cable, and I worked on wiring the building for Wi-Fi. Took me most of the day, and as I'm on Salary, I probably won't see any bonus, but still- feels like I accomplished something.

And it works! It's nice having internet in the office again, where my 3G Cellular card wasn't getting a signal.

Now, I'm exhausted. Well, I guess I do get a bonus afterall- the boss is ordering me a Pizza.

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Michael said...

Congrats! Maybe wireless will be much appreciated by guests.