Ah, my Old Friend

4AM! Good to see you again!

The Grave Yard Shift called in sick, so here I am.

Not much going on. I'm feeling a little hap- well, less depressed, and am trying to get caught up on some projects while I have the energy.

Got to get caught up on email and stuff. Plus the boss wants a redesign of the Hotel Lobby, so I've been learning Google Sketchup, using the blueprint layouts to recreate it in 3D. It's been interesting.

Had dinner with Emmy and her new Boy Toy the other night. He was a pretty cool guy, and we ha some fun. Made me realize though that I'm 25 and have never been on a double date. Not that a Double Date is some kind of milestone or anything, just seems like some sort of normal relationship ritual that humans occasionally partake in.

Emmy also confided some financial problems she's having, and as such, cannot make it to Thailand with me. I didn't mind, and half-expected it. I felt a little bad about her going anyway- didn't want her to break the bank on my account.

I've always been a loner and tend to end up taking care of myself anyway, so I like to think I'm mentally prepared for it.

Today marks a little under two months 'til Arrival in Thailand. (Departure seems a little morbid.)


Sarah said...

bah. Don't consider you alone. Cheer up! You've got people rootin' for ya.

Lara Blake said...

Hehe, thanks ;)