A Cuddle "Club", not Party

So I received an email from Reid Mihalko, the CREATOR of the Cuddle
Party, after my last Blog entry. (Google Alerts) is pretty amazing.

He had some questions so I asked the friend we went with and she
clarified that this wasn't an official Party, but this guys own
"Cuddle Club".

I had no idea that there were Certified parties, and now knowing that
it wasn't official makes it even creepier. (Let me also say that this
Cuddle Club guy did stress the non-sexual nature of the hugging and he
wouldn't put up with those kind of shenanigans, so it wasn't creepy in
that way.)

Anyhoo, thought I'd mention that as to not turn people off to the
genuine thing, something I've yet to experience.

I guess the moral is Know who you're hugging, kids!

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