Happy Easter!

Ugh, I must have smoked a pack yesterday. Gotta quit those again.


So before I was so rudely interrupted:

Emmy and I attended a Cuddle Party, along with her sister Cindi and her boyfriend Chris. There's the link to the Wiki article, and you might have seen a dramatized version on CSI. (As you might guess, the other people (Besides us, of course) were nowhere near as young or pretty.)

On the way there, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, a first for me. Chris was sweet- sensing my excitement he opened up the sun roof so I could get a better view. It really is pretty amazing. Too bad it looses it's magic for the people commuting across it everyday, probably thinking more about the toll booth ahead.

So we get to this guys house, fairly large and nicely furnished. There were four people lounging in the living room- three guys, one women. All in their late 30s and up. Taking our seats on the blanketed floor, the group leader started going over the rules. He had a shaved head, a goatee, and a weird kind of buttonless shirt that looked like it belonged to some poet from the 70's. He also had a lackadaisical way of speaking that simultaneously put me to sleep and creeped me out. And he's a criminal defense Lawyer. Heh.

So at these things you're supposed to identify with a certain animal. A Cat means you want to be asked to be cuddled first, a dog means you don't need to be asked, just come on up, and a bird doesn't want to be asked, it'll just "fly around the room" hugging as it chooses. (I think, I zoned out a little)

When I type it out, it sounds even crazier.

Well, Emmy and I were the only Cats, everyone else were Dogs, and we got down to the business of Non-Sexual Consensual Human Contact. I should say at this point, that this was probably one of the most awkward, uncomfortable situations of my life. I'm not really one to be described as the "Touchy-Feely" type, but I stuck close to the group I came with and tried to keep my back turned to everyone else.

I was pretty stiff, but Cindi relaxed me a little with a neck massage, and she rubbed my arm, held hands, etc. That helped me get a little more comfortable.

I cannot believe we did this for, like, 2 1/2 hours. There was a lot of conversation. Chris is an Earth bound skeptic, and some people seemed to take offense to his nonbelief in their New Age pursuits. Chris was cool about it though- he feels people are free to think however they want, but it was like they wanted to start an argument.

Emmy sent me text messages occasionaly through the night, commenting how weird some of the people were, and had some rather negative things to say about the group leader. Yeah, she's not going back.

Eventually we finally got out of there and headed back to the city for a late night dinner. My favorite Thai place was waaaay to loud- for some reason part of it had turned into a Night Club during the night. I've been a little dissapointed in how commericialized they've become lately.

Anyhoo, so we went to Mel's Diner, one of those 50's nostalgia places but not done really well. I've yet to EVER get good service at a diner.

I've mentioned Chris alot during this post, and I must admit I think I developed a little crush on him. Not only was he really cute, but he's just one of those easy going, fun loving nice guys, and he actually persevered through the night to crack open my shell. At one point he put a friendly arm around me, and tried to get me to make eye contact with him, with limited success.

That felt nice, but for some reason I was too embarassed to show that I liked it, so I defaulted to stiff and uncomfortable.

It's weird how at work I'm so direct and forceful, but after dark around guys like him I get really submissive.

Well anyway, all in all in was an OK night, and we're probably all going to Road Trip to Vegas this summer. It'll be pretty hot, so maybe I can try out some of my skimpier outfits.

Ta Ta for now-

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Sh@ney said...

Hmmmm A cuddle Party (Club)...You think it looks weird written down, try being on the sidelines and making sense of it all...giggles

Yet I am intrigued at the same time, aint never heard of them clubs before... "meow" I'd be a cat!!