Well I had fallen off the wagon a few weeks ago where smoking is concerned.

Today though, I've gotten through the first three days smoke free. Cold turkey, no less, as I couldn't afford Nicorette.

I was taking a Smoke break the other day, and this older guy, who had made this big deal about quitting, and had got all these lozenges and patches, came up and told me he had quit three days, but was going to start smoking again.

He felt too much stress, he said, and the smoking helped. Well, no Shit.

It just struck me as sad, and a little pathetic. I hate the feeling of being slave to an addiction, and I saw that in him, and myself, too. Plus, I'm having surgery soon for goodness sake.

So I crushed up my pack, threw it away, and haven't looked back.

Feeling much better, now- more clear headed.


david10 said...

Good Girl, don't ever think of smoking again.

Apart from the fact that smokers smell, their clothes, hair nd breath........u will now live much longer.

Doctors dont like smokers either.

Mark said...

Stick with it, you'll feel better in the long run!