Got a comment that requested I speak a little more about my trip and the operations I'll be having and stuff.

It's been so long since I've moved forward on TG related matters, that sometimes I forget this blog was an offshoot of a "project" to document my Transition. As I said a long time ago, transitioning, like life itself, is a journey. There's always something to do or learn. And I think it's gotten to the point where a lot of this stuff doesn't phase me anymore.

Yes, a refill of Sex Hormones from the opposite sex, please. Yeah, I'm going to start dressing like a girl everyday. Cool, huh? Pleeeease, let me give you money to gas me unconscious and hack away at my masculine features with a fine, sharp blade.

From the outside, a lot of the stuff we do might seem pretty strange, to say the least.

Yeah, so I'm going to try and blog more about strictly clinical TG stuff, and I'll put the links to the relevant posts in the Sidebar somewhere.

Soon. First I have to record the inane experiences of my daily life.

So yesterday our Security Surveillance System arrived. I used The Incident from last week to convince the boss it would be a worthwhile purchase. It took me most of the afternoon and evening just to install four cameras. On the list of scuzzy things, being sweaty and covered with 20 year old drywall dust ranks pretty high, so I jumped in the shower. (On the list of NICE feelings, moisturizing body wash over smooth legs is a simple pleasure.)

After I toweled off, I found a txt msg from Emmy invited me out to a friends Birthday party. Her Sister Cindi and her boyfriend Chris tagged along as well. On the way to the Party, we found out the Birthday Girl didn't show up to her own celebration, so we went our own way and grabbed some Vietnamese food.

The night wasn't that memorable. Near the end though Emmy and Chris picked up a conversational thread they must have shared in the past, and I gathered that Chris was Dominant with a strong S&M aspect.

I've said before that I have an interest in that kind of stuff, but when the conversation turned to me and Emmy asked me my feelings on the matter, I just kind of froze up and "No Commented" my way out of it. As long as I'm not involved in more then a observation capacity, I'm not offended or upset by much.

Cuddle Clubs, Sex Parties, Bondage Nights- it's not my scene but I'm perfectly happy observing, taking notes, and learning- as long as it occurs outside my bubble.

So maybe in that respect I'm kind of prudish. I'm working on opening up more, though. It's a process.

End Inanity (For Now) Clinical Discussion to Follow (At Some Point)

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