It was finally Sunny and Warm in San Francisco today, though I had to work late so I didn't get to enjoy it until the evening. The scantily clad crowds were out in full force, and I was reminded of ants scurrying over each other as they swarmed a doughnut.

I bought some stuff for our CCTV system- yup, still working on it. As it came with a huge CRT that we can't fit anywhere, I convinced the boss to pick up a Flat Screen TV for the office. That's going to be fun to set up.

Sooooo, what else....... Well, Emmy and I hung out late last night. I had taken a nap earlier and couldn't sleep, and she doesn't usually get to bed till 6AM, so we met up and did some grocery shopping together at a 24 hour place. It was nice seeing her again, all energetic (she'd been on a fast for the past couple of weeks and just recently started eating again.)

I had another rite of passage as we went back to her place and she shared some of her wardrobe with me.

Tonight, I have another 4AM shift, so I might check back to keep myself awake.

Oh, and 'The Office' is back on! Finally! I'm watching the episode in small increments so it can last as long as possible. Yeah, I'm weird that way. (Among others.)

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