So, after I had gotten all dressed up to meet Cindy at the Cherry Blossom Parade, I found out she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be able to make it. The Vegan wasn't going to dress up, and I'm to much of a wimp to be dressed like that by myself.

So I dressed down to a boy-beater and jeans and accompanied the Vegan to a going away party for her boss. Ugh, dogs everywhere.

And it was Freeeeeeezing out.

Well, let's just say I've had better days off.

Right now I'm looking into renting one of those global cellphones to take to Thailand with me. I suppose I could unlock my iPhone, but I don't want to do that to my lil' baby.

If the boss pays for it, it would be nice having a phone with me. 99 cents a minute though- eesh.


Anonymous said...

If you have been a long term customer, you might want to give AT&T a call and ask for a unlock code. Tell them you are going oversea and would like to use a local number while there. I have heard reports that they will unlock phone for long term customers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara.
You just buy a cheap phone once you get there.
Ask people that have been there how its done.
Bye and good luck.