Well the Grave Yard worker was sick. Again. So I've been coming in at 4AM the past couple of nights for a 12 hour shift.

Not to bad- the night goes by pretty quickly, especially since there's not much to do but catch up on downloads.

Speaking of which, I've been watching the first season of Dirty Sexy Money, and I've enjoyed it. It's not what I expected from the little I had heard of it. And it's got a TG character actually played by someone who's TG- I caught her interview on some talk show on YouTube. Here's an Access Hollywood Clip. Oh, and if you get depressed easily, don't bother reading the comments- it's the exact kind of negativity you'd expect from Teenage Midwestern America.

Let's see, I also watched the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, which wasn't Good, per se, but I looked at it from a younger perspective and I thought it was cute.

Me and Emmy went shopping yesterday. Well, more like I watched her shop and made comments. She's so sweet. We made plans to attend the Cherry Blossom Parade this month, which a lot of cosplayers show up for. I think the outfit I wore to Bondage a Go Go last week would fit the bill pretty nicely, with some slight modifications. Hmm, maybe I could get a Maid's hat from somewhere, and some Black Ribbons...

And for my Going Away (buy Hopefully Coming Back) Party, we were thinking about a night out at Asia SF, a sort of Restaurant/Night Club with an hourly Drag Show.

And to top it off, she said she'd loan me a bit of cash for my trip.

*dreamy sigh* Did I mention how sweet she was?

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Anonymous said...

can you please start blogging about the operation/operations that you are going to get? I am trying to transition and would like to know more about where you are going and what you are having done... thanks!