So here I am, working.

I went out earlier with Emmy, so after getting in at about 2:30AM I manage to grab an hour nap before starting work.

My own fault, of course, but I had a pretty good time. We went up to Absinthe Brasserie & Bar, where I tried a couple of firsts- Rabbit and Absinthe.

The Rabbit was pretty good, though it just takes like chicken. And the Absinthe was, hmm... think licorice laced rubbing alcohol. As unpleasant as that sounds, I did enjoy it. As I had read up on it, I knew, somewhat, how to prepare it, and I found that slowly dripping the water over the sugar cube and watching it turn cloudy was kind of relaxing.

Kind of like a Japanese Tea Ceremony, or something.

Oof, it was kind of expensive, though.

Not much else going on, just cleaning up the virii and spyware that has infected the work computer. Haven't had to do this dance in awhile.

Eesh- damn Windows.

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