Been pretty lively in ole' San Francisco lately. Protests, rallies, the running of the Torch- and me stuck behind a desk.

Ah well.

I'm loving this new surveillance system. It's like having little pockets of your world on TiVo. Part of my job is now going through the previous days recordings for anything suspicious, but I do come across a bit of office gossip.

I'm glad I've developed a thick skin these past few years- the things some of my coworkers say behind my back. I don't mind so much- in fact for some reason I take a little pleasure in it. I would not want to be the kind of person that they would like- which would probably be impossible, anyway.

Ok, enough about my budding voyeuristic tendencies.

Last night I was on the bus with The Vegan and a couple of guys sitting across from us invited us to an Open Mic Night music thing at a bar downtown. It's not really my thing, but the Vegan had an instant crush on one of the guys so we decided to drop by on the spur of the moment.

I ended up enjoying myself a lot more than I thought I would. First off, it was Tuesday, so it wasn't packed. Basically just us and a couple of small groups in the downstairs bar area.

Second, the drinks were only $2! $2 Tuesday, apparently- my new favorite holiday.

And after I was sufficiently buzzed, we went upstairs where we found a cozy loftish area to sit and watch the musicians. The whole thing just had a pretty good vibe to it.

It made me think of Stacia a lot though- this was exactly the kind of thing she was always dragging me off to. After I got back home, still a little buzzed, I sent her a brief email.

Ugh, when will I learn?

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