Oooh boy, broke broke broke.

That bill I paid off, they deposited the check a little sooner then agreed upon, and I got hit with a bunch of overdraft fees.

I probably should have worked something out where I broke it up over a few months, but cest la vie.

A friend owes me a few bucks, so I'm hoping that will come through before my birthday, so I can do a little something. You're only a quarter of a century once.

It's a good thing I made up that spreadsheet planning my budget- I'd be lost without it right now.

I mentioned awhile ago that my old friend Mike had contacted me, and I'm doing my best to stay in contact. I thought it would be cool if we got together this summer, and I had the sudden inspiration that maybe we could hang out here in the city for a bit, then take a road trip to Vegas.

Nothing has been set, but it seemed like something to keep in mind. Even if it doesn't work out with Mike, it might still be a fun thing to do, even though I don't know many party types. Not that I recall Mike being much of a partier, anyway. Still- Vegas, Baby!

The past few weeks has shown me that I need to have more fun.

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