Wow, these frequent flier programs are crazy. I didn't know there
were so many shops and restaurants affiliated with them.

I can get a hundred miles by eating Sushi! My next laptop could fly
me to Florida!

Hmm, should have signed up a long time ago...

Seeing as how I've been posting everyday, I should have made THAT my
New Years Resolution, as opposed to 'Stop obsessing over the Past',
which I've failed miserably at.

I sometimes wonder if I'm incapable of being truly Happy. That maybe
I'm so cynical I'll never be able to find pleasure in anything. And
THEN I get depressed thinking about THAT.

(Therapists are clawing at each other for the chance to bill, er,
treat me.)

I tend to get "Stuck in a Moment" a lot, regretting some choices I
made, reliving the many times my heart has been broken, my most
painful moments, etc.

Hmm, maybe I should get that drug that helps you Forget trauma and

Memory is an interesting thing, and though its based on scientific
principles it stirs up a lot of philosopical questions.

Are we all just the sum of our past? Do our memories make us who we
are today, and if they do, would modifying or deleting them turn you
into a different person?

Well anyway, it would just be nice to lighten all this weight I carry
around. My back is killing me.

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