"Everybody Relax, I'm Here"

I finally watched the Macworld 2008 Keynote, and though it wasn't as revolutionary as the 2007 one, I still got excited. Come Summer, when I can start spending money again, I think I'll finally get an HD flatscreen and an Apple TV.

I celebrated iTunes movie rentals by downloading Big Trouble in Little China, something I saw once when I was a weeee lass but remember enjoying. I can enjoy the shots of a 1985 San Francisco a lot more now. Hey, that little shop at the Chinatown gate is a Starbucks now!

In other news, The Vegan is on her way here to my abode. To recap, I said she could stay with me until she gets back on her feet. Unlike Stacia, we actually get along most of the time and she's pretty cool and no-maintenance. Plus, with all these Anxiety Attacks I've been having lately, having someone around to calm me down will be nice.

Just getting off of work and coming up to this dark, empty apartment is enough to make me cry, sometimes.

This No Dating Policy has been good, I think, but it sure gets lonely sometimes.

If I make it back from Thailand alright though, Watch Out San Francisco- I'll be on the prowl.

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