Sorry for the delay, haven't felt up to blogging lately.

It's been pretty surreal the last few days, walking around in a semi-nightmarish daze.

Sometimes when I get anxiety, I also get out of breath, but it's usually only temporary. The fact that it's persisted has got me worried, so I've been trying to separate my actual symptoms from the anxiety it's causing.

Alcohol has been my anti-anxiety drug of choice, but that didn't help much and I spent Sunday hung over. Probably not the smartest thing in the world.

I did sign up and was approved for Health Insurance, but it won't go into affect until February 1st, so I'm just trying to make it through without breaking down and going to an ER, lest I get denied coverage due to a "pre-existing condition". Damn health "care" companies.

Aspirin helped a little, so now I'm worried I might have some sort of minor blockage in a pulmonary artery or something. Oooh boy, some days I just wish I was like "The other 90%", you know? Just one of those people that goes through life blissfully ignorant and doesn't worry themselves into a stupor over stuff like this. ...*sigh*... To have the brain of Miss Teen USA South Carolina for a day...

Anyway, I'm trying to keep my mind focused elsewhere, like MacWorld. Since I'm not able to attend, I figured I'd turn off my RSS feeds so I'll have the Keynote video to look forward to this evening without ruining the unveiling of the Next Big Thing I'm sure to be WoWed with.

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