Putting a toe back into the Dark Side

So I finally got arround to installing Boot Camp on my Mac, which
allowed me to dual-boot Windows XP.

I had held off until I bought an external hard drive to back up my
MabBook. With CompUSA going out of business, I got a pretty good deal
on a 500GB drive.

If I wasn't on such a tight budget, I would have gone with the 1TB
drive. *drools*

See? I have a bit of self-restraint.

Anyway, with all my files backed up I painlessly installed the OS (so
to speak- when dealing with Windows you have to expect a little flesh
melting agony.) Then I installed some games to help keep me sane on
these rainy days.

Top of the heap was Guitar Hero III. CompUSA had the PC version on
sale, too. Rock on!

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