Uh oh, panic attack brewing.

Had some chest pain which has since gone away, but now I'm feeling out
of breath and shaky. I know its just anxiety but my body didn't seem
to hey the message.

Took a couple of shotsbof tequila to try and calm me down.

Hopefully it will take effect soon- this is pretty awful. And I'm at
work, too!

Ooh boy, I should really see a doc. Wish I had insurance. Breathe in,
breathe out. Slowly. Keep of slow it down. Just send the mind to a
happy place... LOL wish I has one.

Maybe I should take some more shots. Good thing I got this bottle for
Christmas. Its come in handy alot over the past couple of weeks.

It sucks, going all that time without this anxiety and having it leap
up again a couple of years ago, and now with greater frequency.

iPhones good to with all this spelling check. It would look alot
worse amazing technology. Yup. Bioshock has been dun, after getting
past the creepiness. Very dark ingame, lots of shadows. Might make a
good movie.

Ok, starting to feel a little better, but I don't want to focus inward
too much because it can just start the attack all over again if I feel
anything slightly off kelter. So I try to think happy thoughts while
taking another shot.

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