And I started the month off so well by posting everyday.

Well I went to the Doc and had a physical. I seem to be alright, but I still have to go get some blood tests done.

My doc was cool. She got good reviews over at yelp.com, and pretty much lived up to expectations. I mean, she's a cute Asian chick from Harvard- kind of the whole package.

Plus I got my first breast exam. Least now I know I don't have breast cancer.

I also got a prescription for my hormones.

To backtrack, I did have a prescription, but I lost my insurance after moving out West and acquired them through the shady corners of the interwebs- and apparently funded terrorism or something in the process.

So now I'm back on the "legal" path. I seem to be on that road with a lot of stuff, lately. Guess I'm growing up.

Still having a bit of anxiety, but it's not quite as frequent anymore. Still hoping to get that taken care of soon.

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